We offer treatment services for a variety of speech & language issues.

We specialize in treatments for:

Articulation Disorders

Difficulties in producing sounds in syllables, words or sentences correctly. Listeners may have difficulty understanding what is being said.

Auditory Habilitation

Difficulties with listening due to hearing loss. Children work to develop their listening and language skills using their cochlear implants and hearing aids. Auditory habilitation services may also be supported with the use of Cued Speech and/or sign language.

Expressive Language Disorders

Difficulty in describing, defining, and providing explanations, and/or using a limited vocabulary. Also, you might see difficulty in telling and retelling stories or talking about a movie plot. Finally, difficulty in using language in a socially appropriate way.

Fluency Disorders

More commonly known as stuttering and cluttering, in which the flow of speech is interrupted by abnormal stoppages, partial-word repetitions (“b-b-b-bye”), or prolonging sounds (sssssee) and syllables.

Reading & Writing

Children with expressive and receptive language challenges often struggle with reading comprehension and writing difficulties. These difficulties can include difficulty understanding concepts and new vocabulary in a text, identifying the main idea, using correct grammar and sentence structure, and writing a variety of narratives.

Receptive Language Disorders

Difficulty in understanding or processing language, such as vocabulary, grammar, stories heard or read, recalling directions, recalling words, etc.

How to request treatment

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If you haven’t had your child evaluated yet, we suggest doing so first in order to fully identify any issues that your child is experiencing. This will enable us to offer a targeted treatment program. Learn more about evaluations