Small Screens May Make Reading Easier for Dyslexics

Almost every day I get a question from parents on what smart devices would be best for their child with reading difficulties. I talk with them about the different choices.  Depending on the student, I have typically recommended devices with larger screens (tablets and e-readers), but that may change.

Matthew Schneps is a researcher who directs a lab at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He is also dyslexic and is now focusing his research on dyslexia.  An article about him in the Boston Globe (July 3, 2013) said that while he was waiting for the bus one day, he wondered whether or not hand-held gadgets might "be an effective reading platform for people with dyslexia" - more so than larger devices.  His research is focused on understanding how reading on digital devices aids in reading.  He is finding that reading on a smaller screen, like that of a smartphone or iPod Touch, reduce the inefficiencies in the ways students' eyes track across the page and help kids read faster without reducing their comprehension.
So if you are at the point where you are trying to find a good platform for your child or student who struggles with reading, don't rule out the small screen - it may be just what they need.

Anaheim Trip a Success!

Beth enjoyed sharing our apps, InferCabulary and WordQuations, in Anaheim!  Last night she had a wonderful dinner at House of Blues at Disneyland where she got to chat with with current and past presidents of state LDA chapters. It was great connecting with folks from New Jersey, New York, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Illinois.  
Meeting Goofy was also a highlight! Thanks, Learning Disabilities of America, for a great conference in Anaheim, CA.

Sharing InferCabulary and WordQuations at LDA in Anaheim

Beth is enjoying meeting a variety of educators from all over the world at the national convention for the Learning Disabilities Association of America in Anaheim, California.  Beth has shared InferCabulary and WordQuations with parents, educational specialist, classroom teachers, and principals. Today, she lead two tech-talks, sharing the techniques and research behind these novel vocabulary instruction methods. Now she is off to find Mickey and Goofy!  More fun sharing about Communication APPtitude tomorrow!

Communication APPtitude Hits the West Coast

The National Conference for the Learning Disabilitity Association of America (LDA) will be held in Anaheim, California February 19th - 23rd and we were invited to participate in the LDA Assistive Technology Solutions Lab.  Beth is excited to leave snowy Maryland to present at the Vendor Tech Talk on Thursday, February 20th at 4:30 pm where she will be sharing information about our 2 apps - InferCabulary and WordQuations - to teachers, tutors, principals and parents.
Beth is excited to be attending many of the amazing sessions at LDA's Conference and can't wait to share what she learns with you.  If you are at this conference, be sure to stop by the center and say "hi." Look for our Communication APPTitude banner.