What APPs Would You Like To See?

Next week we launch our Kickstarter campaign for our first two vocabulary apps: InferCabulary and WordQuations.  The apps are scheduled to hit the Apple APP Store in late October or early November.
This week I've been thinking about our next app.  So I wanted to ask you - what speech-language app would you like to see on the iPad for your child or student?  Are you looking for one that targets written language, figurative language, or something else.  Let us know what would help you with your students or children.  Inquiring minds want to know!  
Thanks for your support and encouragement.  We really do want to hear from you!

Processing Complex Sentences Part 2

Hi All.  I'm making good on my promise to share the next installment of how we help students comprehend (and write) complex sentences.  This video demonstrates how to overtly teach students about complex sentences using FANBOYS and conjunctions although, however, nevertheless etc.  Check out how you can use a "thumbs up/thumbs down" cuing system to reinforce student understanding.


Processing Complex Sentences Part 2

We're Making Progress!

Beth Lawrence, MA, CCC-SLP
Beth Lawrence, MA, CCC-SLP

Hi All! We are so excited and wanted to share with you...we are in the process of developing TWO apps that we hope to have ready by November of this year!  They are both targeting middle and high school students who need to boost vocabulary skills.  Each of these apps is innovative in its approach--not just another flashcard app--and we are excited about the feedback we have been receiving from those with whom we have shared the techniques.  Our students are also giving us lots of positive feedback.

Deena and I are filming our Kickstarter video tomorrow as well, which goes into these apps in much greater detail.   We will be sure to provide you the link as soon as we get it (to post on November 1st).

Exciting times for Communication APPtitude!